Friday, June 1, 2012


Foodie Friday: Recent Food Roundup

It seems that this blog is doomed to be way behind what we are actually doing. In an attempt to catch up a bit, we have compiled a list of the restaurants we have been to recently. Enjoy!

Taco Cielo- Incheon has a new Mexican restaurant in Arts Center and it’s the best Mexican food in Incheon, not that there is much competition, but it is truly good! The fish tacos are amazing! The burritos are pretty hefty. I would rate it as the second best Mexican food I’ve had in Korea behind only the ever popular Vatos. Their grand opening was on May 5th, but we actually ate there three times during their couple-week soft opening period. Their already reasonable prices are further reduced during burrito Monday, Taco Tuesday, and Quesadilla Wednesday. Portions are reasonable; I would go with 2 tacos for a light meal, 3 for a full meal.
Location, Hours, Etc: Incheon Bus Terminal Station (near Shinsegae). Come out of Shinsegae on the H&M side and cross the pedestrian bridge. Take the first right and it will be across the street on the left at the first cross street – it’s the building next to O’Malley’s. Hours are 12-3 and 6-Midnight (2 AM on the weekends).

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